1. After combing through 95,000 images in its archives, the WHNPA has put together an exhibit of 78 historic photographs of some of those candid moments; some are well-known, while others have been locked away for decades.

    "My favorite image is the one of John F. Kennedy during the presidential campaign sitting in an open-air convertible catching a bunch of bananas," writes WHNPA Treasurer Jon Elswick, who co-curated the exhibit with his wife, Heidi Elswick.

    "I think it demonstrates the kind of access that photographers had in years past," he says. "Today, any political situation that photographers see is managed, and it’s almost impossible to get a ‘real’ moment."

    Presidential Access: Unguarded Moments, Captured On Film

    Photo Credit: Courtesy of WHNPA

    The full exhibit of historic WHNPA photographs is now on display at the Edison gallery in Washington, D.C., until February.