1. Try to put him in a box and he’ll find his way out. Still working at nearly 85 years old, William Klein has gone rogue in at least four different fields: abstract painting, photography, filmmaking and commercial copy writing.

    Klein now lives in Paris but I caught up with him in New York City — the place where he was born, but no longer has much affinity for. He’s just here to promote a new book, William Klein ABC.

    When I ask him what he thinks about the city, he says:

    "One thing that annoys me is the talk. I went into Starbucks, and I wanted tea — and there was a cookie. ‘Starbuck’s outrageous oatmeal cookie.’ What do you mean outrageous? Everybody says, ‘Have a nice day.’ There’s a lot of bull- - - - in the talk."

    "People don’t do that in Paris?" I ask.

    "They don’t do that," he replies. "They’re much cooler."

    You Can’t Put A Headline On William Klein

    Photo Credit: William Klein/’William Klein ABC’/Abrams