1. The Chicago Sun-Times made a shocking announcement last week when it fired its entire photo staff. The paper says it will now rely on freelancers and reporters to shoot with cellphone cameras or whatever equipment they have.

    Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist John H. White was among the nearly 30 full-time photographers let go. White spent decades at the Sun-Times. He told Tell Me More that the firings have hurt the Sun-Times, but the future of photojournalism remains bright.

    On what the loss of the Sun-Times photography department means to the paper

    "It’s like taking the eyes from the body. My former students, there’s a team, there’s a family. You know, for the Sun-Times, that’s lost.

    "We were there because it was a great paper. And Sun-Times won a Pulitzer Prize — the news — just two years ago in 2011. That was before this management purchased the Sun-Times. So the Sun-Times has always been that light, that beacon, that symbol of journalism — and the best of journalism. The consistent pursuit of excellence. Everything I photograph, as far as I’m concerned, is for Page 1. And that’s the idea.

    Photo Staff Firings Won’t Shake Pulitzer Winner’s Focus

    Photo Credit: John H. White